Hello shellac...

45 minutes - £22
Goodbye nicks, chips and smudges!!
Shellac is the first hybrid nail colour. No more waiting for your polish to dry, Shellac has zero dry time, 14 day wear mirror finish and is removed safely in 10 minutes. You need to have your Shellac removed in the salon.

It is always best to have your CND SHELLAC removed in the salon professionally but if you cant get in to the salon I can advice you how to safely remove it yourself, PLEASE don't pick it off as you will damage your natural nails.
I don't charge for removing the CND SHELLAC I've applied as long as you have another nail treatment during the same visit to ILLUSIONS

Shellac can also be applied on top of enhancements at an extra
cost of £8

For nails needing extra protection we now have BRISA LITE
BRISA LITE smoothing gel provides a thin, flexible and light weight protection and perfection to the natural nail.

For just an extra £5 on top of your treatment price, BRISA LITE is applied under your CND SHELLAC, last approx 3 weeks and is removed the same way with the removal wraps, so still no filling on the natural nail . . .perfect combination.

If you would like to add BRISA LITE to your CND SHELLAC treatment please let me know so i can add just 15 minutes to your appointment time.

Payment methods accepted: cash or cheque.